By: Nancy Festarini

DIY Home Maintenance that Saves $$$

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1.  Plumbing Repairs: While plumbing can be a pain in the neck (literally), most people are perfectly capable of making simple repairs, like replacing a leaky faucet or broken sprinkler head. Potential annual savings: $100 to $1,000 for typical repairs. 2. Pest Control: Using approved chemicals and methods that you can look up online, you can treat your own house for insects and rodent...Read More

By: Nancy Festarini

Time for Spring Cleaning

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The idea of spring cleaning has been around for thousands of years. In fact, in some cultures, doing an annual deep cleaning is associated with more than just clearing out dirt and clutter.       For example: In Jewish custom, Passover marks the exodus of the Jews from Egypt and takes place two weeks after the Jewish New Year. Because keeping leavened bread ...Read More

By: Nancy Festarini

Resale Real Estate Buyers Brave the February Freeze


Even with the record low temperatures last month, we still saw an increase in the number of people purchasing homes in Canada. This speaks to the importance households place on home ownership and the fact that buyers continue to view ownership housing as a quality long-term investment in which they can live. Ontario -  Robust sales and price growth in February Toronto, March 4, 2015 --...Read More