By: Nancy Festarini

Stroll The Sidewalk

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Monopoly has great advice – “Take a walk on the Boardwalk…”
When shopping for a new home, this is the best advice anyone can give you. When you find a home you like and you’re working with your Realtor to make an offer, take a few minutes and walk around the neighbourhood. Doing this allows you to get a feel for what it will be like to live there.
You don’t want to purchase your dream home, move in, and then find out something about the neighbourhood that you dislike enough to want to move again.
Have kids? Thinking of having kids? Find the local parks, playgrounds, schools and community centres. Are there kids playing outside that are a similar age to yours?
Do you have a long commute to work? Take the drive from your potential new home. Can you get out of the community without long waits? Can you see yourself making the drive every day?
Do the neighbours homes show pride of ownership? Homeowners who keep their homes looking great generally enjoy the neighbourhood, and that is a good sign that you will, too.
What about noise? Are there schools. Highways, or train tracks nearby? Will these things bother you? Can you hear any of them from inside the home? Is the property near an airport flight path?
While you’re strolling the neighbourhood, take the opportunity to speak with some of the neighbours you see outside. Ask them lots of questions. What do they like most about the area? Is there anything they wish were different?
Lastly, picture yourself living in the home. Would you enjoy the community? If so, then buying your dream home is very likely a good choice for you.
Remember your neighbourhood Realtor knows the communities that they work in. The Nancy Festarini Team knows Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Hamilton and Mississauga, and we’re always here to help you find your dream home, and help you make an education decision about the community you are moving to. Call or text us anytime to begin your search: 416-919-8521.