By: Nancy Festarini

DIY Home Maintenance that Saves $$$

Tags: Home Maintenance

1.  Plumbing Repairs: While plumbing can be a pain in the neck (literally), most people are perfectly capable of making simple repairs, like replacing a leaky faucet or broken sprinkler head. Potential annual savings: $100 to $1,000 for typical repairs.
2. Pest Control: Using approved chemicals and methods that you can look up online, you can treat your own house for insects and rodents. Savings: Up to $50/mo, or $600/yr.
3.  Painting: If careful, you can tape and edge like a painting professional. Savings: $400 to $1,500 for typical interior paint jobs.
4.  Replace Light Fixtures: Many people avoid changing out light fixtures because they don't know how. But once the job is started, they realize how easy it is and wonder why they almost called an electrician who wanted $180, when it took them 20 minutes and cost $40 for the fixture.