By: Nancy Festarini

7 Days To A Tidier Home

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With the strange spring weather we have seen here in Southern Ontario lately, it’s safe to assume many people have pushed out their annual ‘spring clean’. If you’re late to the game and just far too busy with weekend events now to spare a full day, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with a list of seven 20-minute quick tasks that will have your home in tip top shape in time for summer!
20-Minute Task #1
Wipe Down Your Trash and Recycling Bins
It’s very satisfying to clean something that is meant to be dirty. Starting with what might be the filthiest place first is the secret to success. You touch your trash bins every day, so having them sparkling clean will be a huge mood-lifter, and we’ll bet you’ll find yourself motivated to move onto other messy spots in your home.
Take out your trash and recycling, then use your vacuum to get all the crumbs at the bottom. Next, give the bins a quick wipe down, and follow by spraying the cans inside and out with a spray disinfectant, then scrub away all of the grime that accumulates over time. Rinse and dry your bins.
20-Minute Task #2
Freshen Up Your Fridge

You can tell a lot by peeking inside someone’s refrigerator. Start by purging old, expired sauces, dressings, and jars. Next, moving shelf-by-shelf, remove all items, and leave them on the counter while you wipe down the inside of the fridge. Wipe down the bottoms of items as you place them back into the fridge.
20-Minute Task #3
Clean Your Showerheads

Grab a plastic bag – ideally one that will just fit over your showerhead. You will also need some white or apple cider vinegar and rubber bands. Pour the vinegar into the bag, and submerge the showerhead into the vinegar. Secure the bag with a rubber band and leave it be for 30 minutes. If your showerhead is quite dirty, you can leave the bag there for a few hours. Go do something else while the vinegar does the heavy lifting removing scum and residue from hard water.
When you are satisfied with the results, remove and dispose of the bag, polish your showerhead, and let the water run through it for a few moments to flush away any leftover scum that was inside the showerhead.
20-Minute Task #4
Clear Your Computer Workspace

Since this is ‘spring cleaning,’ you need to focus on the day to day messes that creep up without us noticing. The home office is one of these spaces we use so frequently, we may not notice the build up of dust and dirt. Tidy any loose-leaf papers, and then get to work.
Using a clean, dry micro-fiber cloth, wipe down your PC screen. Dust around your PC and any other electronics, like your router, modem, docking station and tablet. Let’s not forget the cords! You may need to unplug things to get a thorough clean done. Make sure to check the vents on your devices and use a vacuum to gently clear away dust, making sure that your devices are powered off. Use a piece of double-sided tape to collect dust between the keys of your keyboard.
20-Minute Task #5
Scour Away The Scuffs

Take a close look at your walls and baseboards today. Before you start grab a Magic Eraser. Starting at your front door, walk from wall-to-wall, in one direction, weaving in and out of rooms. Scan high on the wall all the way down to the baseboards looking for scuff marks. Use your Magic Eraser to scrub scuff marks away as you spot them.
20-Minute Task #6
Tidy Your TV Spaces

Get your vacuum ready! Suck up all the dust bunnies you can find: under the couch, side tables, lamp shades, behind the TV, and all other electronics, such as gaming systems and cable boxes. Don’t forget to lift the cushions on the couch and suck up those crumbs! Using your brush attachment will make this job much easier.
Turn off your TV and give the screen a wipe down. Grab your remote controls and sanitize them using a dampened cloth with a bit of rubbing alcohol. You can use a Q-tip to get in between the buttons.
Finally, if you have a media center, go through the drawers or cabinets and purge a few things from your movie or game collection.
20-Minute Task #7
Look Way Way Up – Clean Your Light Fixtures!

Before you get started, grab a large towel or even a drop cloth to catch excess dirt and dust as it falls. We’re all about the easy clean up!
Starting with any ceiling fan blades, use a pillowcase to cover the blade of the fan, then grip down on each side of the blade and slide the pillowcase off. This will trap the dust inside.
Remove globe light fixtures and get them clean by leaving them in a bucket of water with denture tablets. Use a dry paintbrush to dust around the intricate parts of ornate fixtures.
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