By: Nancy Festarini

7 Costly Homeowner Selling Mistakes

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Selling a home you have lived joyfully in for years can be extremely difficult. There is no doubt your home will have little touches of ‘character’ that only you find charming, and it is necessary to bring in the experts to spruce it up. In order to get the most money out of your home, it pays to avoid costly mistakes.

  1. Trying to Sell Your Home Yourself – And You’re Not A Realtor.
The fact is, trying to sell your home by yourself can be exhausting. While it is possible, and it does happen, having the expertise of a professional will help you sell quickly and generally for more money than if you sold it yourself.
  1. Over-Pricing Your Home
At the end of the day, the homeowner sets the listing price, not the Realtor. Listing too high is the most common mistake made in the industry. An inflated price leads to an unusually long time to sell, and in the end, likely selling for less than if the home had been priced properly in the first place. Working with a Realtor who knows your market is critical. They will help you get familiar with the comparables and recently sold properties in your neighbourhood that most closely resemble your property, and will assist you in deciding on the right price.
  1. Hiding Your Clutter In Closets or The Garage
It is critical that you create a sense of spaciousness in your home. Take the time to toss what you can, and take the rest out of the house – remove it entirely. It can be very off-putting to a potential buyer to open a closet to see how large it is only to see that it is packed to the very edge with collector’s items. Don’t fill the garage either. Rent a POD and load it up.
  1. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
Let’s face it. Over 90% of buyers now begin their search online. This is your home’s first impression, its handshake. Experienced Realtors work with experienced photographers who have been around the block and know how to capture your home in its best light. Don’t skimp here or else buyers will keep scrolling right past your home.
  1. Skipping The Necessary Preparations to Get On The Market As Quickly As Possible
As I mentioned in number 4, give your home the best first impression you can. Curb appeal is still a selling feature, so take the time to walk out to the street and see what you can do about tidying up your landscaping. Make any minor repairs that need to be done, and touch up paint in places where it has been scuffed or chipped. Sometimes a fresh coat of paint makes all the difference. An experienced Realtor can help you decide what needs to be done in your home, and can bring in their stager to move your furniture around, and bring in any accessories that are needed.
  1. Greeting Potential Buyers at The Door
Get out of the house! You may think being home to give buyers and their Agent the grand tour is helpful, but the truth is it just creates an awkward situation for the potential buyers. They may wind up feeling intrusive, and generally rush through the home. Leave during showings, and let your beautiful home do the talking!
  1. Not Working With An Experienced Professional

Great Agents will support you through your prelisting activities, listing day, showings, offers, negotiations, and will offer their trusted advice all the way through to moving day. Experienced Realtors have many resources – no matter what you need, they know someone trustworthy who can lend a hand. Experience Realtors are skilled in negotiations, and know how to get you the most money and the best possible terms in the sale of your home.
Remember to ask potential Agents a lot of questions, and take a look at their experience with both past and present deals, as well as their marketing know-how when choosing the best person to represent you. Finally, choose an Agent that you respect, like and trust, and feel comfortable working with.