By: Nancy Festarini

10 Tips To Prepare For Back To School

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  1. Do back to school shopping with your kids, and involve them by giving them choices. They love to pick out their own outfits, backpacks and lunchboxes.
  2. Get ready for early mornings and prepare everything the night before. Being ready to walk out the front door for school in the morning is one of the best things you can do to create a stress-free morning for the entire family.
  3. Create or freshen up homework areas. If you don’t already have one, set aside space in your home for each child to ready and do their homework. Make sure it is well-lit with a desk, comfortable chair, and is fully stocked with all the essentials: pencils, pencil-crayons, highlighters, sharpeners, note pads, and don’t forget the extension cord to allow for plugging in electronics such as laptops and iPads. Already have a space? Freshen it up with some new supplies and accessories.
  4. Create an organized space for your children to store their school items. Hooks for backpacks cubbies for lunch bags, hats, scarves and mitts are essential to ensuring your home stays uncluttered throughout the school year.
  5. Make lunches together the night before. Children are more likely to eat everything in their lunchbox if they help with making it. Stock up on fun shaped cookie cutters for sandwiches, colourful skewers for fruit and cheese, and colour sticky notes to add a personal message to each lunch.
  6. Organize clothing for the entire week ahead of time. Each Sunday, pick out five outfits for the entire week. Have a drawer or a space in the closet designated for the week’s outfits. Include a basket for underwear, socks, and accessories so mornings go smoothly. Make sure your child has a say in picking out what they wear – they will feel proud of their own organization skills.
  7. Keep a basket in your fridge and your pantry with easy, healthy after-school snacks that the kids can get themselves. Let them pick what they want from the baskets – and only the baskets! Fridge ideas could include cheese strings, yogurt cups, fruit cups, or cut veggies with dip. Pantry ideas could include apples, bananas, granola bars or crackers.
  8. Plan a back-to-school party. You could invite some kids from the neighbourhood or those you know who are going back to school together. Have pizza and a planned activity, and give each child some back to school essentials, such as fun pencils and erasers.
  9. With the younger children, prepare them for the lunch hour by practicing opening and closing Tupperware, thermoses, and packing/unpacking all of these items in their lunch bag. This will help ensure that your child is well-prepared for lunch hour without needing any help getting items opened or packed away when it’s time to go outside.
  10. Begin each morning with a great breakfast. Allow 20-30 minutes so that they are not rushed. Prepare what you can the night before, such as omelette cups or French toast that can be re-heated quickly in the morning and plated with some pre-cut fruit.

Here’s to another great school year! Do you have more ideas that make back-to-school easy? We’d love to hear them in the comments below!